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Art in your home

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Art work breathes life into your home. It is a representation of the things you and your family love on your walls. And when you love a piece enough to hang it on your walls, that story speaks volumes. In interior design, art work is important because it can act as the focal point of the room and give the viewer a sense of what to expect from that space. Ultimately, art makes the space feel complete and intentional.

Purchasing Art Locally

Purchasing art locally is something I highly encourage. Not only does it mean you are getting an original piece, but it is also a reflection of you and your community on your walls. Bonus: by purchasing from local artists, you are stimulating the local economy, which, in turn, supports more of your own favorite local businesses.

Art in Other Forms

Art doesn't only have to come in the form of a painting that you hang on the walls. For example, it can also be a sculpture on a bookshelf or leaning piece on your kitchen counter.

Permanence of Art

While it is likely you will not live in one home forever, art in your household will move with you. Symbolizing what a home represents: togetherness, family, a place of being. A piece of art that is meaningful to you and your family is reflected through your home and how you design around it. Growing up, I moved a lot as a child, and one piece I remember always being on the walls is a painting that my grandfather did. While it was a simple still life of a bowl of fruit, it reminded me of all the memories I had in houses past where this painting was with me. It brought me solace and inspired me to put an emphasis on art in the house as an interior designer. When buying local, it adds a personal touch that you can attribute memories to for years to come and in houses to come.

*Tip: If you have a piece that you love, but it does not fit the style of your home, consider reframing it to suit the aesthetic.

Working with Your Designer to Curate Art

Art curation and guiding my clients to the right art for their home is a passion of mine. As an interior designer, I have connections with local artists and galleries so when the time comes to help my client find that perfect piece they know just where to go. When working with a client to pick out art, I want to know what speaks to them. What styles do they like, what do they envision in their own homes, and what artwork stands out in their memory.

And while I encourage purchasing locally, I understand that there are financial burdens and sometimes trendy pieces that we may not want forever (and therefore not want to spend as much money on). In those cases, I am all about using trade connections and finding the right piece at a lower cost.



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