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High Point Market: Tales & Trends

Tales to Share

It’s been a while since we published a blog post, but we figured there was no better time to write one than after visiting High Point Market. This was our first time at High Point, we had done Vegas Market before, but this was a whole new ball game. We had planned out our trip meticulously, but we soon realized planning out Market to a T, was not going to be successful or beneficial to us.

We definitely learned that we need to be able to go with the flow when it comes to Market. There are just some things that are out of your control. Flights being extremely delayed (hello 1:00 AM arrival times, eek!) and blistered feet, it is best to prioritize some things and then take a laidback approach to others. We had back to back appointments, and we found it to be overwhelming and put too much stress that we weren’t able to enjoy Market like we wanted to. So, we reprioritized things, and just made appointments where we knew we really needed them. For us, this meant making appointments with custom upholstery, lighting, and décor vendors. Everyone’s needs for Market will be different, but it is important for you and your team to think through what your company will benefit from. It is also important to realize that it might take until you are at Market to realize what those needs are! Marin and I then had time to explore and find new gems (vendors) that we wouldn’t have had the chance to find if we were in appointments the whole time! The one thing everyone says about Market is true: no matter how long you’re there, you definitely won’t see everything!

Trends We Loved


After walking for miles on end in between buildings and up and down floors, we definitely were able to spot some up and coming trends, as well as some recurring ones.

One of our favorites had to be alabaster. Alabaster is so naturally beautiful, and we love how no two pieces are the same. It has brown clouding and varying veining which makes this material so unique and mesmerizing. At Market we saw alabaster used in a number of ways, but most commonly in lighting. From table lamps to elaborate and ornate chandeliers, alabaster stole the show at Market.

Boucle Fabrics

Who doesn’t like warm and cozy fabrics that make you feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud? At this years’ Market, it was all about comfortability and textures. Boucle fabric delivers just that. It seemed like everywhere you turned a version of Boucle was there, and we’re not mad about it! It provides a lot of interest to a room and is both functional and fabulous! You will see Boucle famously paired with curvilinear furniture, as it accentuates the curves and complements the modern lines.

Warm, Brown Tones

Warm, more complex brown tones are giving the well-loved (fifty shades of) grays a run for their money this year at Market! Although gray will always be used in home design, we saw an increase in warmer colors this year. A lot of rust and deep orange colors were used in décor as well as in larger furniture pieces. Warm toned browns also saturated Market in the best of ways. We can expect to see colors and tones from this warm family continue to pop-up in home design.


Another lighting trend we just couldn’t ignore: plaster lighting. Inspired by lighting from the material famously used and crafted by sculptor, Alberto Giacometti, plaster was spotted all over High Point Market this year. Giacometti has said that plaster, “as a white material, can bring a fixture to life using light and shade”. This is definitely true, as we were able to spot many noteworthy plaster light fixtures. It is such a unique material that defies the confines of lighting in such a beautiful way.

All Natural

A tried and true trend we love? Well that has to be the natural materials we have been seeing in the home design world the past few years. Cane, rattan, bamboo and more are all materials that we were happy to see were still around this year at Market. There is just something so effortless and elevated at the same time about using these natural materials in your home and furniture. It brings the outdoor in and creates a serene and calming effect in the home. Nature is just that, from the Earth, so it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!



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