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  • Elsa Iverson

Gift Guide for Interior Design Lovers

Though it may be the first week of November, it is never too early to start thinking about the Holidays! They always creep up on us, so we do our best to get prepared (but always have a million last minute things to do!) As a studio of designers, and me, the design lover, we felt equipped to share some of the gifts we have been eyeing. When you think of someone as a design lover, you think of them having impeccable taste, high standards, and an appreciation for all things beautiful. We curated a list of goods that we think check everything on the list.

1. Brass Salt & Pepper Mills Price: $220 for the pair, Amazon

It wouldn’t be a MDC gift guide without the brass salt and pepper mills. They’re a staple for our designs. After designing a new kitchen, whether it be a remodel or new build we love adding in some vintage charm with these brass salt and pepper mills. In addition to being stylish, they’re incredible quality and actually grind the salt and pepper bringing out the best flavor. They’re equally practical and will be used for years to come.

2. Henry Isaacs Art Price: Ranges from $100-$1,000, Etsy

I came across this artist a few weeks ago and was instantly captured. As someone with roots in New England, his art brings so much joy and good memories to mind. Being in the design industry, we have a deep appreciation for original art and Etsy is a great place to find and support artists. The pieces range in price and they’re currently having their biggest sale of the season with paintings up to 60% off. Love Northern California? Henry Isaacs has also painted a lovely series of the Napa Valley, California poppies, and beyond.

3. Wicker Baskets, Set of 3 Price: $34.99, Amazon

These rattan wicker baskets are handmade and serve a multitude of purposes. Use them for bread or fruit, a catch all for keys and wallets, or place them in the kitchen to be a focal point and add texture to the space. This is a good present for people who appreciate handmade goods at a great price point

4. Enamel Teapot Price: $49.99, Pottery Barn

You can’t go wrong with gifting an elevated teapot, especially when paired with coordinating mugs and specialty tea or hot chocolate! This teapot comes in 4 colors, charcoal, mint, eggshell, and slate. It has beautiful, rich wood handles that add character. The rim is stainless steel with a bronze-like patina.

5. Workstead Coffee Table Book Price: $53.94-$53.99, Amazon

The coffee table book “Workstead: Interiors of Beauty and Necessity” is a work of art inside and out. We love the work that Workstead does and it is a perfect gift fr design lovers who want to be inspired. The neutral cover will work in any space and it is great with layering with other coffee table books, such as “Eight Homes: Clements Design”.

6. Medium Kantha Quilt Price: $278, The Little Market

The Little Market has an array of incredibly beautiful quilts that are handmade in Bangladesh. These quilts make great presents because they are one-of-a-kind, colorful, and ornate. The quilts are handstitched by artisan women and are made with upcycled saris. Every quilt is embroidered with the name of woman who made it. This is a truly special gift that you know they won’t already have!

7. Blue Rim Margarita Glasses & Pitcher Price: $19-$44, The Dune Market

I love gifting glassware for holidays, but I like to change it up by gifting unique glassware they wouldn’t normally have or buy for themselves. These cone shaped margarita glasses and pitcher are made with recycled glass and are handblown in Guatemala. They have colored rims, and come in aqua, blue, and white. Pair it with your favorite tequila and your gift is done!

8. Marble Coasters, Set of 6 Price: $27.99, Amazon

These coasters are definitely on my holiday wishlist! They have a brass strip detail, which juxtaposes the marble very elegantly. Coasters are a great way to either bring in a new texture to a space or balance a texture that is already in the room. They’re made from solid marble, and have a soft backing so you won’t have to worry about furniture being scratched. These coasters are a great stand-alone gift or pair well with glassware, servingware, or a bottle of wine!

9. Matte Gold Utensils Set, Price: $46.90, Amazon

Elevated basics don’t have to be just clothes. This gold utensil set is perfect for adding luxury touches to your everyday life. The set services 4. Gift it alone or get 2 for service for 8. We have these for our office, love that they’re dishwasher safe and come with chopsticks. The cutlery has a nice weight to it and have an ergonomic design. The utensil set comes in a gift box when ordered which makes them perfect for the holidays.

10. Anwar Woven Throw Price:$140, McGee & Co.

I love gifting and being gifted a throw blanket! They’re perfect for the holidays as everyone is cozying up and spending more time inside. The dark browns and blacks in this particular throw are so beautifully moody and will add depth to a space. It is a great layering piece over a sofa or an occasional chair. The throw is made of wool and silk and is 50” x 70”.

11. Hand Woven Rattan Basket with Handle Price: $81.26, Amazon

This basket is the perfect gift because you can give it by itself or fill it with other presents. My sister taught me to always gift in “threes”. This basket filled with flowers and a bottle of wine would be a perfect gift for a design lover or a hostess. It also makes for great decor. It would look beautiful and be practical in a kitchen with fruit, or in a bathroom with towels and soaps!

12. Vintage Kilim Pillow Cover Price: $13.50, Etsy

Every design lover obviously loves pillows. This Etsy shop has hundreds of Kilim pillow covers that make such a unique gift. These pillows are handmade in Turkey and are machine washable! They are very reasonably priced and the shop always has great sales going on.

13. Rattan + Glass Vase Price Price $68, The Little Market

Besides being gorgeous, we love this vase because it looks great as decor or filled with flowers/greenery. The rattan elevates the vase by bringing in texture but is still simple enough to go with anyone’s style, making it a great gift. By purchasing this handwoven vase, you help empower artisans in rural Phillipines.

14. Wooden Pedestal with Handle Price $30.40, Amazon

At MDC, we are constantly using these pedestals for styling coffee tables, shelves, or holding plants and accessories! They have natural imperfections which add charm. The pedestals are great staples for organic modern/transitional design. Pair it with a cute houseplant or candle for the perfect gift year round!

15. Porta Candle Holder Price: $34-$38, Shoppe Amber Interiors

I think as you get older, your love for candles and candle holders grows. That’s not just me, right? These Porta Candle Holders come in clear and amber and are made of recycled, handblown glass in Paris. They would be perfect styled as decor or on a holiday tablescape. Pair them with the Rock Match Striker and Column Taper Candlestick for a killer present this holiday season.

While this may not be what you think for a design lover’s gift, we all use these in the office and love using them when traveling between job sites and the studio. We are constantly on the go and these cups fit in car cup holders, keep your drink warm, and are aesthetically pleasing. It is easy to clean and spill proof.

17. Tencel Sheets Price: $89.99-$210, West Elm

Once you feel the softness and breathability of Tencel sheets, there is no going back. They’re such a great everyday luxury that I love gifting. You can’t go wrong with gifting a set of white sheets. This is a great treat yourself gift too!

18. Candle Warmer Lamp Price: $49.99, Amazon

This candle warmer lamp is such a fun gift, and we love a two for one! The cute, brass lamp shade with a dimmable light makes it perfect for a small table lamp. The lamp evenly melts the candle without a flame. It makes your candles last longer, and let’s face it, it’s cute!

19. Antique French Confit Pot Price: $92.25, Etsy

Antique confit pots have such a beautiful shape and are so great styling in a kitchen or open shelving. This one is from the 1940s and was used to preserve food. There’s so much history behind it and you know it will last forever. This is a great gift for someone who loves antiques or cooking!

20. Original Floral Art Unframed Price: $228.43, Etsy

My favorite thing about Etsy has been finding so many talented artists. Original artwork tells such an intricate, personal story making it a great gift for a loved one. Getting a small piece of art is always a good idea because it is easier to style or hang. This piece would go great in a kitchen or a bathroom. This Etsy artist, Anastasia Stockman of Of One’s Own Studio, has beautiful work that is definitely worth checking out! And it is a good reminder to shop small this holiday season! A great pairing with this gift is to get it framed or get a gift card to your favorite framing store.




Love your gift guide! Cant wait to purchase some of these items!


Thank you, we love to hear that! We'll be doing gift guides all season long!

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