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  • Elsa Iverson

European Inspired, California Casual #AdditionontheLevee

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The Addition on the Levee was a special project for a young, growing family. The goal was to create more livable space in their home while feeling cohesive with the rest of the house, and most importantly make their current house work for them long-term. The original plan was to build upward and add a second floor. Due to complications, we had to pivot and ended up working the primary suite addition onto the first floor.

Being that the project was an addition, not just a remodel, it is more custom and personal, you think through the layout and flow of the house that much more. It is extra special when there was a little one on the way during pre-con and you get to imagine how the family will function in an expanded space; to have more room for the kiddos to run around instead of updating the finishes.

Our inspiration was to keep the vibe of the original California ranch style home that is seen throughout the neighborhood, but giving it a refreshed, earthy and timeless feel to the modern family.

For the primary bedroom, we wanted it to feel serene and private for the couple. The window seating lends a cozy feeling to the room and is the perfect place to curl up with a book. On either side of the nook are arched built-ins with tongue and groove detailing. The beautiful oak wood that was used in the built-ins feel California casual and paired with the arch and reeding, it keeps a timeless and elegant profile. To finish out the room, brass sconces were added to the reading nook and curated vintage pieces are on display to keep the room simple, but feeling elevated and thought out.

Keeping the California casual feel with timeless elements was a priority when designing the primary bathroom. We really wanted the bedroom and bathroom to feel cohesive. To do that, the oak and reeding was continued in the bathroom cabinets. European and traditional touches can be seen throughout the bathroom with the 6 inch beveled edge quartz countertops and the gray and white checkerboard flooring.

The former primary bath was renovated to function as the main bathroom for the client’s children and guests. Keeping the space youthful and playful, we lined the shower walls with cement rectangular tiles in a herringbone pattern. The deep green color is reminiscent of the Northern California landscape, while still feeling modern.



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