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2022 Fall Trends

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Autumn is around the corner, and for us that live in the Sacramento Area, this is music to our ears! It has been 110-116 degrees the past couple of weeks, so you could say we are excited to say the least. Plus, all things apple or pumpkin scent and moody palettes have us feeling giddy for this next season. Going through the waves of the pandemic the past couple of years, our homes have been more of our backdrop than ever before. Most of us are now working remote from our abodes, putting an emphasis on how our spaces affect our mood and overall well being. You might as well live in style that brings you joy. Athena Calderone, founder of Eyeswoon, says "Who wouldn’t want to design a room that feels like a warm hug?”

Moody Browns & Oranges

Some trends that you will see more often for this fall, are moody earth tones such as browns and oranges. These two shades will bring a fair few of us back to the 70's revival, which play around well with other palettes in a space. It creates a cohesive and evocative feel that fabricates a sense of richness. Keep the lighting low and minimal, to keep the space feeling warm.

Design by Amber Interiors, Fall Chapter Two Collection

Vintage Pillow by Shoppe at Amber Interiors

Scallop Details

Name a prettier design trend than a scallop detail.. we'll be waiting! This wave like design has been around for decades now, and taking its moment once again. The great thing about the shell-edges style is how one can incorporate it within various designs in a space. It is adorable on a vanity, a light fixture, the back of a chair, a headboard, or even in a styling piece.

Design by Light and Dwell, Dwell Well Collection

Pendant by Serena & Lily

Layering Textures

Incorporating a blend of textures into a space can immediately create visual interest. To have pieces stand out compared to others, you will want to contrast each within the size, shape, or color. Some easy ways to add layered textures are with blankets and pillows in wool, boucle, linen or even cashmere will add that perfect touch.

Design by Arvin Olano

Bedding by The Citizenry


Foraging is always the best way to bring parts of the outdoors in. Fall is a perfect time of the year to bring in those burnt oranges, reds, and bright greens to tie in harmoniously with the Autumn color palette in your space. The other amazing benefit of foraging, is the uniqueness it adds to your decor, where you can't find at most flower shops. Go for a walk with your family in the afternoon to make this a special tradition.

Design by Jake Arnold

Vintage Pot via Etsy

Oak & Walnut Woods

The luxurious oak and walnut stained woods is what brings the right amount of contrast to help ground the room. Darker wood furniture pieces that are paired with a moody paint color goes hand in hand. This creates a more dramatic, intentional feel to your space that will also add the perfect amount of warmth to the room.

Design by House Seven Design

Coffee Table by McGee & Co.



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