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2021 Wrap Up & Predicted 2022 Trends

Can you believe it is the end of 2021 already? I don't know about you but for us it feels like this year has flown by in the blink of an eye! Experiencing the second year of COVID, it is fair to say that most of the world has absorbed so much time in their homes, to the point of deciding to re-model or freshen up their spaces. Our homes have acquired more love and attention during this time than the past number of years, but who can blame us? Tuning into your style and reflecting that into your home makes such a drastic difference, that is worth every penny.

With MDC only being in the Interior Design industry for just over a year, we have grown so much more than we could have imagined. We are so proud to have signed with the most amazing clients, with projects across the golden state that range from new builds, to renovations (big and small), to furnishings. On top of this, we had an addition to our growing team within our first 8 months of being in business! We are also so lucky to be surrounded and supported by locally driven women in the interior design industry whom we learn so much from. Here at Marin Design Co. we are always jotting down goals to continue growth for our business, but to also stay motivated at our best. With that being said, we have some very exciting news to share with you... WE GOT OUR FIRST OFFICE! That's right, we will be moving in the next couple of months here in Sacramento! It is so thrilling to have our own space where our clients will have the ability to come and view all the hardwood, rug, hardware, paint, tile and slab samples that will be installed in their home. Be sure to stay tuned on our instagram where we will be sharing some behind the scenes on the progress of making this new office space, officially ours.

Predicted Trends of 2022

Trends come and go, but at the end of the day trends are more than just a color or shape. They are a mirrored form of who we are as an individual expressed in the best way possible. We love the month of January because of the Las Vegas Market, where we get to meet with all of our sales reps to view/test out the new and upcoming pieces of furniture and decor. To give you a head start, we are listing the upcoming predicted interior design trends of 2022!

1. Curved Silhouettes

The return of the curve: although sharp lines will always be in style, curved furniture pieces are making their debut. We love this trend because of the soft, feminine edges that are taking the spotlight. The curved detail adds more interest to the eye, as well as it being an art piece on its own. Pieces that include this playful shape highlight an organic modernism that once was well known in the 20's. The bubbly shape provides comfort compared to other styles of furniture, which we all know is key when being at home so often during a pandemic.

2. Vintage and Reclaimed

It is no surprise that lead times for anything home related are crazy long. A natural reflection to this is shopping second hand, which has increased majorly in popularity! This is always a great option because you have the opportunity to find the coolest pieces that hold history and stories we will never know that are equally beautiful. Sourcing vintage pieces instantly make your space feel more custom to you! It being a rainy season, our favorite thing to do on a day that pours is spent inside in various thrift stores to find the perfect piece that completes the look.

3. Decorative Cabinetry

Yes, cabinetry. If anything, a shaker style cabinet has grown to be the favorite style when it comes to a kitchen, bathroom, mudroom or any type of built-in. Taking advantage of a boxy piece in a space by adding details to the doors create so much visual interest. Not only are the engraved details important, but choosing a fun color to a cabinet elevates the piece itself. Taking the extra step and effort into thinking this through, adds more unique personalization to the room.

4. Sustainable Practices

Sustainability shouldn't have to be a trend, but here we are! It couldn't be more important now than ever to be more intentional when pondering on your next piece of furniture. This key factor makes a drastic difference on mother nature than you think. Some simple ways to implement this, is by doing research on the manufacturer you are ordering from. For instance if you are shopping for a new sectional, think more deeply about the wood being FSC or not, the toxicity in the cushioning, or even the material of the fabric. Sustainable pieces tend to be more pricey, but we can ensure you that it is 100% well worth it and is more tailored to you and your family. By choosing to go this route you are investing in a piece that will last twice, if not three times as long to last generations to come.

5. Parisian Inspired

One of the most empowering things about styling your home the way you want, is the influence of various destinations around the world. Although not all of us have the ability to travel the world with the way things are in the pandemic, we do have the option to style our spaces that draw inspiration from all over. The French are well known to follow a "raison d'être" design philosophy which translates to "reason for being". This saying means that they view their spaces at home as a substantial embodiment within their way of life. They are all about enjoying all the details in the day to day such as food and time with family and friends. This intention carries into the world of interior design with their minimalist furnishings, organic decor as a manifestation with what brings them the most joy.



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